Possible Bigfoot Shelters in Snohomish County

Found in an undisclosed location in Snohomish County, Brent Dill posted a series of photos and videos on FaceBook of multiple shelters possibly made by unknown hands.

From an October 21, 2016 post on the Bigfoot Community FaceBook Group

I would like to share something I came across today while off trail.. Has anyone come across these type of things?
1, 2 & 3 are made structures and the 4th is a hollowed out stump. In the comments I will post additional videos and pictures with a number associated in the first picture for better reference.
This is a well known area for Bigfoot activity in Snohomish County.. Washington State
None of the branches used to make the 3 structures were cut, they were all broken..
Right next to fresh water creek..


The idea that Bigfoot creates shelters is an interesting one, as it would seem that some sort of biological/DNA or track evidence would be left behind in or around the shelters.

Bigfoot shelter

Bigfoot Shelter

bigfoot shelter

These are definitely weird and if not created by Bigfoot, then what?

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