Senate Committee Postpones Action On WA State Bigfoot Bill

On February 2nd, 2018, WA State was poised to move a bill that would make Bigfoot the State’s Official Cryptid toward a floor vote. The bill was scheduled to be presented to the State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee. After approximately 45 minutes, Committee Chair Sam Hunt informed the gallery that there would be no action on the bill today. He had been informed by the bills sponsor, Ann Rivers, that the young man who is ‘proposing ‘ the bill was not able to attend the public hearing.

The bill’s status has not been updated.

WA State’s Bigfoot Bill Goes To Public Hearing

Washington State Senate Bill 5816, which makes Bigfoot the official State Cryptid, is scheduled for a public hearing at 8am on February 2nd. This bill previously did not progress far thru the legislative process, so a public hearing is a big step.

We urge you to contact your elected representatives to express your support of this bill. Use the WA State District Finder to identify and get the contact information for your elected officials.

Bill To Make Bigfoot Official WA State Cryptid Is Back For 2018

A bill to “designating Sasquatch the official cryptid or crypto-animal of Washington” is back in front of Washington State Legislators, after not getting too far thru the process during the last legislative session.

As of today, Senate Bill (SB) 5816 has been referred to State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections, with no dates or next actions beyond that currently set. The bill looks to make Sasquatch WA State’s cryptid, sighting the following as a reason:

The legislature recognizes that Sasquatch has made immeasurable contributions to Washington state’s cultural heritage and ecosystem. The state of Washington further recognizes the importance of preserving the legacy of Sasquatch.

Read the full bill

Anne Rivers of the 18th District was inspired to file the bill after receiving a letter from a child in her district. supports this bill and hopes you will contact your representatives and let them know that you support it too.

Bigfoot Charges Teenagers After Movie In Enumclaw, WA

Used with permission from a post to a FaceBook Group on December 29, 2017 at 3:17pm.

Arletta VanHoof,….1983 Enumclaw, Wa. My best friend and I just got out of the movies( don’t ask me what movie we saw cause that is just a blur! We were 15 yrs old and my friends brother was supposed to pick us up, but he never showed. She lived fairly close so we decided to walk home! We had a flashlight,so wth, we started walking down the road, (surrounded by trees) . Suddenly out of nowhere the beast is running full bore at us! We knew what it was, my friend threw the flashlight at me and we both ran until we got back to the theater! We both looked at each other and knew what we had seen! We kept asking each other if it was for real and no doubt that sucker had my heart on overload . That pounding from that fight or flight reaction had me hardly able to breathe! I know that hairy beast is alive and real!

Boulders and Bigfoot Near Piola Washington

This report was posted on a Bigfoot Group on FaceBook and is reposted with permission. The account from 2000 is near Pomeroy Washington in Garfield County in the South Eastern part of the state. Garfield is a sparsely populated part of the Palouse, covering only 718 square miles of land.

In 2000 or early September up Piola area just about Pomeroy Washington myself my brother and a friend of mine Scott was all up there elk hunting earlier that morning I had large boulders thrown at me from above they were large enough a person wouldn’t be throwing them dust in the air dirt being tossed so it’s not like a bear was digging a den or anything I was hunting with my bow so it made me a little nervous later that evening when we were all at our campsite I watched one walk right behind my friend Scott who was messing around behind a bush it was probably 9 ft tall it walked directly behind him I saw it my brother Eddie saw it and made us all quite nervous quite something to see

Washington State Cougars Coach Answers Bigfoot Question

Cougar’s Football Coach Mike Leach takes questions from the people on the phone during his weekly press conference and on September 4th, 2017 was asked about if he believed in bigfoot.

“It would be fun if there’s Bigfoot. I hope there’s Bigfoot, but my guess is there is not.”

Leach is more optimistic about alien life, as he discusses following his response on bigfoot.