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Bigfoot Heard Near Snohomish

The following was left as a comment on this site. The ‘old grange’ may be referring to the Horseshoe Grange at 16424 Broadway Ave in Snohomish. Years and Years ago out in Snohomish Washington some friends and I heard bigfoot more than once. We didn’t know what it was at the time, this was well…

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Prints Near Swift Reservoir

Sent to the Washington Bigfoot FaceBook page and described as “Several sets of tracks Very unusual” found near the Swift Reservior south of Mt St Helens. The Swift Reservoir is a reservoir on the Lewis River located in Skamania County. Related posts: Not Alone Podcast #22 Takes Us Back To Ape Canyon Pacwest Bigfoot Tells…

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Not Alone Podcast #22 Takes Us Back To Ape Canyon

In their 22nd podcast, Not Alone goes after Ape Canyon. The podcast recounts the tale of five miners who were besieged by bigfoot in 1924, trapped overnight in a cabin in Ape Canyon, south west of Mt St Helens. Not Alone expands the story to include an encounter with a Forest Ranger the miners had…

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Kitsap Peninsula 911 Call Reports Bigfoot

In 1996, a Kitsap Peninsula man called 911 to report an unidentified “good sized man or something that looked like a man” crossing his yard. After leaving view, the creature reappears and the man is noticeably disturbed by the size of the intruder. Police were unable to find anything when they investigated. I am attempting…

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Travel Seattle with Bigfoot

It is Seattle! Where else would you get your guided tours and celebrity interviews than Bigfoot? Travel Seattle with Bigfoot from My Name Is Bigfoot! explores the city with the Northwest’s favorite ‘skunk ape’. Some language may not be suitable for work viewing or folks sensitive to marijuana references and be ready for some curse…

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Eastside Bigfoot Represent!

When people think Washington State, they normally think of Western Washington, the part of the state than goes from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. This is where it rains, where the fish throwing Pike Place Market and Space Needle reside, Seattle’s Seahawks, Microsoft & Starbucks & Amazon, traffic, trees and where most would…

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