Not Alone Podcast #22 Takes Us Back To Ape Canyon

In their 22nd podcast, Not Alone goes after Ape Canyon.

The podcast recounts the tale of five miners who were besieged by bigfoot in 1924, trapped overnight in a cabin in Ape Canyon, south west of Mt St Helens. Not Alone expands the story to include an encounter with a Forest Ranger the miners had after the bigfoot encounter and some theories on what bigfoot is, based on local native accounts.

Located in Skamania County, Ape Canyon is a gorge along the edge of the Plains of Abraham name after the 1924 story, which was retold in 1967 by Fred Beck in a ‘booklet’.

1930s Bigfoot Sighting Near Mt St Helens Washington

Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization retells his Grandfather’s Bigfoot story from the 1930s.

Kelly’s Grandfather encountered three Sasquatch near a lake that was destroyed in the Mount St Helens eruptions in 1980. The three Bigfoot were seen by multiple people in their group.