Mitchel N. Townsend Paper on Hominin

Received from the Washington Bigfoot Contact Form:

Here is the long awaited scientific essay describing a new “Hominin” species at Mount St Helen’s. The conclusions are verified, repeatable and consistent. Enjoy the read.
Mitchel N. Townsend

The paper is called ‘Using Biotic Taphonomy Signature Analysis and Neoichnology Profiling to determine the identity of the carnivore taxa responsible for the deposition and mechanical mastication of three independent prey bone assemblages in the Mount St. Helen’s ecosystem of the Cascade mountain range’ by Aaron Mills, Gerald Mills, M. N. Townsend.

The document is 94 pages long, describing Townsend’s experience finding the ‘bonestack’ and going into great detail to show that the teeth marks belong to a previously undocumented hominin, bigfoot.