Bigfoot Report From Bald Hills Washington

South east of Yelm in Thurston County, the Bald Hills transition the landscape from the rocky prairies of Yelm into the Cascades. A post on Reddit by Walnutterzz tells a story from around 2004 of several teens and preteens encounter with an unknown creature suspected to be bigfoot. First, let me start off by saying …

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Mitchel N. Townsend Paper on Hominin

Received from the Washington Bigfoot Contact Form: Here is the long awaited scientific essay describing a new “Hominin” species at Mount St Helen’s. The conclusions are verified, repeatable and consistent. Enjoy the read. http://1drv.ms/1BnR9hm Respectfully, Mitchel N. Townsend The paper is called ‘Using Biotic Taphonomy Signature Analysis and Neoichnology Profiling to determine the identity of …

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Bigfoot Killed in 1980 Mount St Helens Eruption?

In a recent post, Greg Newkirk, Editor-In-Chief at Week In Weird asks, Was Bigfoot Killed in Washington’s 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption?.   May 18th marked the 35th Anniversary of the massive eruption that killed 57 people and destroyed 230 square miles of forest. Ash was blown 80,000 feet into the air and mud, ash …

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