Boulders and Bigfoot Near Piola Washington

This report was posted on a Bigfoot Group on FaceBook and is reposted with permission. The account from 2000 is near Pomeroy Washington in Garfield County in the South Eastern part of the state. Garfield is a sparsely populated part of the Palouse, covering only 718 square miles of land.

In 2000 or early September up Piola area just about Pomeroy Washington myself my brother and a friend of mine Scott was all up there elk hunting earlier that morning I had large boulders thrown at me from above they were large enough a person wouldn’t be throwing them dust in the air dirt being tossed so it’s not like a bear was digging a den or anything I was hunting with my bow so it made me a little nervous later that evening when we were all at our campsite I watched one walk right behind my friend Scott who was messing around behind a bush it was probably 9 ft tall it walked directly behind him I saw it my brother Eddie saw it and made us all quite nervous quite something to see