Townsend’s The Old Ones, the First Americans Class Available

Mitchel Townsend will be teaching a class at Centralia College this spring called “The Old Ones, the First Americans”.

Townsend made waves in the bigfoot word with a series of papers that are now published in his book Bigfoot is Solved, Hybrid Hominin: Scientifically proving the existance of Bigfoot with Forensic Dental Impression Research.

“To this day our research stands intact,” Townsend said. “Not one scientist has been able to refute our conclusions in any category. The integrated and mutually supporting nature of the evidence and analysis is clear, repeatable and microscopically impossible to fake or hoax.”

The new course taught by Mitchel Townsend is titled “The Old Ones, the First Americans.” It focuses on Native American oral and archeological history that recorded a culture of people they encountered as they migrated down the Bering Sea Land Bridge over 15,000 years ago. It will be taught on April 8, April 22, May 6 and May 20 from 10 a.m. to noon in Washington Hall Room 105. The course is available online as well. To register, call 360-623-8940.

Townsend can be contacted at

Will Teeth Marks Prove Bigfoot’s Existence?

Winlock resident Mitchel Townsend says he was walking through the woods near Ryan Lake in Lewis County, Washington when he came across a stack of bones with dental imprints that could prove Bigfoot. Townsend is a teacher at Centralia College’s Continuing Education program and has found additional evidence that he is currently preparing for a paper.

“If you add it all up, you have an 8-foot, 8-inch tall creature that is killing animals at different areas of Mount St. Helens with its bare hands, chewing them up, literally skin and bones and all, and spitting them out between its legs” – Townsend.

Townsend’s theory is that Bigfoot is “not an ape, it’s a hybrid that has been interbreeding with Native Americans for the last 80,000 years. That’s why it is so smart and it has human teeth.”

Townsend adds “With respect my research is available to anyone for free. Just contact Centralia College Dept of Continuing Education for information. Mitch Townsend”