Bigfoot Report From Bald Hills Washington

South east of Yelm in Thurston County, the Bald Hills transition the landscape from the rocky prairies of Yelm into the Cascades. A post on Reddit by Walnutterzz tells a story from around 2004 of several teens and preteens encounter with an unknown creature suspected to be bigfoot.

First, let me start off by saying – this is all entirely true. I will not say the exact location of the events that took place, but I will say it all happened in the Bald Hills, in Wahington State. I don’t necessarily know why they’re called the Bald Hills, as they aren’t really bald… It’s filled with forests and woods, and deschutes river runs through it, the river was just behind me house, across a field we would generally keep our horses. Around the river was all rocky terrain, and just behind that – endless woods.

There were very few houses around there, it was literally in the “middle of no-where”. This all happened – nine or ten years ago, back in 4th grade. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get my story under way.

So, the house was occupied by 5 heads – 6 including a friend. Me, my 3 brothers, my oldest sister (she was the only one who could drive) and a friend. Our dad was a truck driver, so he was gone for long periods of time, and my mother lost the battle to cancer when I was 5 years old. So we invite our friend out after school to spend the weekend, he brought his PS2 and were ready to pull allnighters on GTA Vice City – Well, something else decided to change that.

When it was night me and my friend decided to go outside and bullshit (I was 10 or 11, he was 14) well, while we were outside in our yard, we began to hear footsteps in our driveway, which was very -odd-. Our yard was surrounded by a chain-linked fence, and two gates on different points of the yard, so while staying in the yard, we do our best to try and see if we could spot who was here, while remaining in hiding.

We couldn’t see anything, it was much too dark, though we did manage to make our -something- wandering around in the driveway (it was a fairly large driveway, it lead up a steep hill) My friend bottled up the courage and yelled out to it, saying that it was on private property, which MAY have been a mistake. The foot steps stopped for a few seconds, then started towards us. I looked to my friends face – nothing but shock. Who ever or, what ever was walking around, it didn’t say anything, it just started walking towards us. We bolted it inside, speaking faster than our minds could think, telling everyone of what was happening.

My sister was sleeping at the time, and we didn’t want to bother her, but me and my friend were freaking the fuck out, and my three brothers were becoming a little concerned as well. So we woke up my our sister and told her to call the police. She just got pissed off because she figured we were losing it and told us to leave her a lone and that she had work in the morning. She eventually gave in and grabbed the dogs (we had 5) and went outside with a flashlight to take a look around. She put on her rubber boots and jacket – and went outside and walked around to prove us wrong that nothing was out there.

She walked out of the yard and around the outside of the chain-linked fence, me and my friend waited on the deck, watching her. She walking by an old wood shed where we – obviously stored wood and then… it happened. A blood curdling scream coming from inside the woods, just behind the woodshed, raised the hairs on my neck and stuck me with fear. My sister immediately shined the flashlight in the woodshed, me and my friend ran inside (cowards, I know). My sister came in a little after that, assuming it was just a raccoon, and that she didn’t see anything else. That put us all at ease, and we went off to play GTA.

No more than an hour later we began to hear something footsteps in the mud around the house – we all froze again. My sister already went back to bed and we didn’t want to wake her up again. We all paused the game, not making a move – the footprints made their way on the deck of the house, and they walked by the sliding glass door(luckily covered with curtains). They weren’t steps like shoes or boots, more like padding, like feet. My oldest brother said we should all go into the basement and hide out in his room. We did just that, and we all grabbed a weapon of some kind, let it be a baseball bat or a kitchen knife. We all hung out in my oldest brothers room and I eventually fell asleep. When i woke up it was morning, I was very afraid to look outside through the windows – for fear of something looking at me. I finally managed to build up the courage to look and – nothing. Nothing was outside. Me and my brothers and my friend explored outside to see what we could fine. We found several footprints in the mud, and our picnic table was smashed to fucking hall, in pieces. The gates was bent and wouldn’t open anymore, my dad had to fix them. We explored the back parts of the woods just by the house and what we saw, which wasn’t there before – was a little TP made of sticks.(We’d kick it down, and it kept getting rebuilt the next day or two). From that day on we have been very frightened to explore the woods out there, however one day, a few years later just before we moved I was outside in the dark alone.

The only sound was the sound of the rushing river, and some wind rustling the large pinetrees. I was in the backyard alone, leaning up against the chain-linked fence with my flashlight, peering into the field behind the house, seeing if I could see anything interesting, (particularly the monster)
Then I caught two glares – a pair of eyes, from inside the woods.

They were focused on me and, took several steps forward, out into the clearing and stopped. My flashlight wasn’t powerful enough so all I saw were some eye glares. it was roughly 20-30ft away from me, but it was definitely close enough to get me startled. For a long time I just stood there, shining my flashlight at it, as it stared back at me. I was too scared to go up and look at it close up, so over a time, I turned around and headed back inside. That was the last time I saw the creature of the Bald Hills.

EDIT: There were other cases in which my two brothers and myself were swimming in our swimming hole down at the river, and we started hearing some rustling in the trees up on the cliff ledge that the river scraped by. We tried to resume cooling off in the river but we kept hearing strange noises, so my older brother climbed up the ridge to investigate. very gingerly he eased hi way around the large bushes and tree brush. Everything was silent, and, I will try to describe this to the best of my memory – I was watching my brother on the ridge, tiptoeing through the brush, when suddenly the large tree brush and bush shook violantly, and a very loud rumbling, and kinda like a vibrating sound erupted. My brother span around to try and run, nearly falling in the process, as he did he lashed his arms out to keep away what ever was watching us.

Me and my little brother still down by the water, immediately struck with fear, began to run and follow my older brother back to the house. We ran faster than we ever had before at that age. When we made it back to the house safely, we dared turn around – only to see nothing. Nothing chasing us, strange noises, it was very calm, like nothing had ever happened. It took a while to go back after that.

EDIT: The TP that we encountered in the woods kinda looked like this

and other various things we found around our house that looked like this

Those are all pictures we found when googling (or yahooing back then) bigfoot, or yeti.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I have had other encounters with the creature(s) before my last sighting of it, but I don’t have the time to tell about that. If people find this interesting enough maybe I’ll tell it but for now I’ll just leave it at this.

1930s Bigfoot Sighting Near Mt St Helens Washington

Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization retells his Grandfather’s Bigfoot story from the 1930s.

Kelly’s Grandfather encountered three Sasquatch near a lake that was destroyed in the Mount St Helens eruptions in 1980. The three Bigfoot were seen by multiple people in their group.

Possible Bigfoot Shelters in Snohomish County

Found in an undisclosed location in Snohomish County, Brent Dill posted a series of photos and videos on FaceBook of multiple shelters possibly made by unknown hands.

From an October 21, 2016 post on the Bigfoot Community FaceBook Group

I would like to share something I came across today while off trail.. Has anyone come across these type of things?
1, 2 & 3 are made structures and the 4th is a hollowed out stump. In the comments I will post additional videos and pictures with a number associated in the first picture for better reference.
This is a well known area for Bigfoot activity in Snohomish County.. Washington State
None of the branches used to make the 3 structures were cut, they were all broken..
Right next to fresh water creek..


The idea that Bigfoot creates shelters is an interesting one, as it would seem that some sort of biological/DNA or track evidence would be left behind in or around the shelters.

Bigfoot shelter

Bigfoot Shelter

bigfoot shelter

These are definitely weird and if not created by Bigfoot, then what?

Mossy Rock Bigfoot Caught on Trail Cam

Classic from 2014 of a trail cam picture of an 8 foot bigfoot from Mossy Rock in Lewis County.

8 Foot Bigfoot Like Creature Caught on Trailcam in Mossyrock, Washington

“The backstory on the trail cam, is the guy who showed me had been down at his friends house in mossyrock, out in the backwoods of his property, DEEP in the woods, and they had heard a screaming/howling noise that they could not say was a cougar or coyote, bear, etc.. They wanted to figure out what it was. So they set up motion sensitive trail cameras to capture it. And upon checking them this morning, this is what he found.

It’s an amazing photo, it makes every other image I’ve seen look laughable in comparison. I get really pissed when people try to argue it’s authenticity.. These guys didnt even know how to send the picture from their computer to their phone, they dont know what photoshop is.”

Does Skamania County Ordinance Go Far Enough?

With a total population under 11,000 souls, Skamania County Washington isn’t known for much to most people, but the Bigfoot Community knows it as the county in South Central Washington with an ordinance that prohibits harming Bigfoot. Depending on the intent, it could cost you up to $1000 fine, a year in county jail or both. In addition, it declares Bigfoot an endangered species and makes the entire county a bigfoot refuge.

Is that enough to protect Bigfoot? There is nothing in the 2015 county budget that would make you think this ordinance is being properly enforced.

In contrast, the killing of a bald eagle, no longer on the endanger species list, much less an previously unconfirmed bipedial homid, will get you a maximum fine of $5,000 or one year imprisonment with $10,000 or not more than two years in prison for a second conviction.


WHEREAS, evidence continues to accumulate indicating the Possible existence within Skamania County a nocturnal primate mammal Variously described as an ape-like creature or sub-species of Homo Sapiens; and

WHEREAS, legend, purported recent findings, and spoor support This possibility; and

WHEREAS, this creature is generally and commonly known as “Sasquatch”, “Yeti”, “Bigfoot”, or “Giant Hairy Ape”, all of which terms may be hereinafter be used interchangeably; and

WHEREAS, publicity attendant upon such real or imagined findings And other evidence have resulted in an influx of scientific investigators as well as casual hunters, most of which are armed with lethal weapons; and

WHEREAS, the absence of specific national and state laws restricting the taking of specimens has created a dangerous state of affairs within this county in regard to firearms and other deadly devices used to hunt the Yeti and poses a clear and present danger to the safty of the well-being persons living or traveling within the boundries of this county as well as to the Giant Hairy Apes themselves; and

WHEREAS, previous County Ordinance No. 1969-01 deemed the slaying of such creature to be a felony (punishable by 5 years in prison) and may have exceeded the jurisdictional authority of that Board of County Commissioners; now, therefore

BE IT HEREBY ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF SKAMANIA COUNTY that a portion of Ordinance No. 1969-1, deeming the slaying of Bigfoot to be a felony punishable by 5 years in prison, is hereby repealed and in its stead the following sections are enacted:

SECTION 1. Sasquatch Refuge. The Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, or Giant Hairy Ape are declared to be endangered species of Skamania County and there is hereby created a Sasquatch Refuge, the boundaries of which shall be co-extensive with the boundaries of Skamania County.

SECTION 2. Crime-Penalty. From and after the passage of this ordinance the premeditated, willful, or wanton slaying of Sasquatch shall be unlawful and shall be punishable as follows:
(a) If the actor is found to be guilty of such a crime with malice aforethought, such act shall be deemed a Gross Misdemeanor.
(b) If the act is found to be premeditated and willful or wanton but without malice aforethought, such act shall be deemed a Misdemeanor.
(c) A gross misdemeanor slaying of Sasquatch shall be punishable by 1 year in the county jail and a $1,000.00 fine, or both.
(d) The slaying of Sasquatch which is deemed a misdemeanor shall be punishable by a $500.00 fine and up to 6 months in the county jail, or both.

SECTION 3. Defense. In the prosecution and trail of any accused Sasquatch killer the fact that the actor is suffering from insane delusions, diminished capacity, or that the act was the product of a diseased mind, shall not be a defense.

SECTION 4. Humaniod/Anthropoid. Should the Skamania County Coroner determine any victim/creature to have been humanoid the Prosecuting Attorney shall persue the case under existing laws pertaining to homicide. Should the coroner determine the victim to be an anthropoid (ape-like creature) the Prosecuting Attorney shall proceed under the terms of this ordinance.

BE IT FUTHER ORDAINED that the situation existing constitutes an emergency and such this ordinance shall become effective immediately upon its’ passage.

REVIEWED this 2nd day of April, 1984, and set for a public hearing on the 16th day of April, 1984, at 10:30 o’clock A.M.

Mitchel N. Townsend Paper on Hominin

Received from the Washington Bigfoot Contact Form:

Here is the long awaited scientific essay describing a new “Hominin” species at Mount St Helen’s. The conclusions are verified, repeatable and consistent. Enjoy the read.
Mitchel N. Townsend

The paper is called ‘Using Biotic Taphonomy Signature Analysis and Neoichnology Profiling to determine the identity of the carnivore taxa responsible for the deposition and mechanical mastication of three independent prey bone assemblages in the Mount St. Helen’s ecosystem of the Cascade mountain range’ by Aaron Mills, Gerald Mills, M. N. Townsend.

The document is 94 pages long, describing Townsend’s experience finding the ‘bonestack’ and going into great detail to show that the teeth marks belong to a previously undocumented hominin, bigfoot.