Bigfoot Sighting Near Rainier WA – March 2012

Five individuals were out target shooting on March 20th, 2012, near Rainier Washington in Thurston County, when they came across a large biped leaving a blackberry patch. Even though they were about 500 yards from the creature, they were able to see that it was covered in dark fur, with long hair on its head coming down to its broad shoulders. They estimated the creature was eight and a half feet tall. Several hoots and knocking sounds were heard after the creature fled into a nearby field.

The sighting was reported on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) as case #34710 which was followed up by BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor.

Taylor was able to find the exact location described and closed his report with the statement:

They got a very good look at the creature. Although it was almost 500 yards away, it was large enough to stand out and be seen clearly. Added to this is the report of the wood knocks and the hooting. With five witnesses seeing the creature, I have no doubt that this was a sasquatch.

Bigfoot Sighting Near Morton WA

I originally saw a comment on a Bigfoot FaceBook Group concerning a sighting in WA State. I left a comment with the WashingtonBigfoot url and got this report within a day.

on 16 June 2017 at approximately 7:30 p.m.. I was helping my son move from a rental house in the forest area west of Morton, south of the Tilton river. As we were loading the pick up truck I observed a figure standing approximately 40 feet away from us in the trees watching us. I could see that it was a black silhouette approximately 9 feet tall. I could see the head and the head appeared to have a no neck look. I could see the arms down to its side away from the body. I could see no legs below the waist area due to the brush. It was there for several minutes, then appeared to leave. But I seen where it looked like it turned sideways against the trees. I went out there the next day at the same time and looked in the same area I had a clear view through the trees for about 60 feet back. With no obstructions. I could not see that far back when I seen the bigfoot.

The area west of Morton is connected to part of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The area is also known for a bigfoot sighting in the early 90’s by Annette Crews.

Bigfoot Already Washington State Monster?

Did Dan Evans, Washington State’s Governor from 1965 to 1977, make bigfoot Washington State’s Official Monster in 1977? If so, is WA State Senate Bill 5816 that makes bigfoot the state’s official cryptid still needed and why doesn’t the bill address this executive order?

The document is dated August 1977 and includes the hair from the shoulder of a bigfoot near the signiture line. It also references a RCW (Revised Code of Washington) that doesn’t seem to existing (00.00.000).

Anyone with any background on the document signed by Dan Evans, please contact us.

Child’s Letter Prompted WA State Bigfoot Bill

Anne Rivers of the 18th District in Washington State explains that a letter from a young constituent was the origin of Senate Bill 5816, which would make Sasquatch Washington’s Official Cryptid, like the Square Dance is the Official Dance of WA State.

Child’s letter prompts bill to designate Sasquatch as state ‘cryptid’

“For those who will say this is silly, let me point out that the Senate has already approved an education-funding plan, and work on the new state budgets is moving along as quickly as it can,” she said. “A bill to add Bigfoot to the list of state symbols is one of the simplest pieces of legislation we could pass this year or any year. Additionally, I can’t think of a better way for children to learn about the process of governing than to have them work on something of interest to them.”