Bigfoot Charges Teenagers After Movie In Enumclaw, WA

Used with permission from a post to a FaceBook Group on December 29, 2017 at 3:17pm.

Arletta VanHoof,….1983 Enumclaw, Wa. My best friend and I just got out of the movies( don’t ask me what movie we saw cause that is just a blur! We were 15 yrs old and my friends brother was supposed to pick us up, but he never showed. She lived fairly close so we decided to walk home! We had a flashlight,so wth, we started walking down the road, (surrounded by trees) . Suddenly out of nowhere the beast is running full bore at us! We knew what it was, my friend threw the flashlight at me and we both ran until we got back to the theater! We both looked at each other and knew what we had seen! We kept asking each other if it was for real and no doubt that sucker had my heart on overload . That pounding from that fight or flight reaction had me hardly able to breathe! I know that hairy beast is alive and real!