Child’s Letter Prompted WA State Bigfoot Bill

Anne Rivers of the 18th District in Washington State explains that a letter from a young constituent was the origin of Senate Bill 5816, which would make Sasquatch Washington’s Official Cryptid, like the Square Dance is the Official Dance of WA State.

Child’s letter prompts bill to designate Sasquatch as state ‘cryptid’

“For those who will say this is silly, let me point out that the Senate has already approved an education-funding plan, and work on the new state budgets is moving along as quickly as it can,” she said. “A bill to add Bigfoot to the list of state symbols is one of the simplest pieces of legislation we could pass this year or any year. Additionally, I can’t think of a better way for children to learn about the process of governing than to have them work on something of interest to them.”

Washington State Bill To Make Sasquatch Official

Washington State Senate bill 5816 was introduced earlier this week by Anne Rivers of the 18th District. If the bill becomes law, it would make Sasquatch the official cryptid on Washington State. The bill would ‘Designates the species of cryptid commonly called “Sasquatch” or “Bigfoot” or “Forest Yeti” as the official cryptid of the state.” adding to Washington’s State bird, the American Goldfinch, and the Olympic marmot as the state mammal.

The bill recognizes “immeasurable contributions to Washington state’s cultural heritage and ecosystem. The state of Washington further recognizes the importance of preserving the legacy of Sasquatch.” supports this legislature and urges Washington State residents to contact their representatives to express their support.

WA State Fisheries Employee Has Bigfoot Encounter Near Amboy in Clark County

Amboy WA

A Washington State Fisheries Employee’s story of an encounter with Bigfoot east of Amboy, Washington. Amboy is southwest of Mt St Helens in Clark County.

The frightening story includes the person’s tent being dragged and the face to face encounter with the Bigfoot.

This thing, Bigfoot I figured out at that moment was huge, at least all of 9-feet, and looked to weigh more than 500 or so pounds at least.

The shoulders were at least 4-feet wide, no joke. It was hard to look directly at this thing, I have to tell you, I just wanted to look away and hope for the best. But I did have my flashlight on it, and I was not going to move it.

I do remember that it was only human-like in the stature, I mean it was on two feet except when it went to charge me. The eyes were large, and the hair covered its entire body, even most of its face except around its eyes.

No neck that I could see and the head just sat on top of his shoulders and seemed to be slightly cone shaped on top.

I could not tell the exact hair color, but I think it was a reddish-brown, I think, but I can’t be sure, I was far too scared to really notice the color to tell you the truth.

It had canines when it screamed, I could see them and feel the sound wave hit me like a truck! That is when I really got scared, those teeth would tear me in half in a second if the long muscular arms did not first.