Washington State Cougars Coach Answers Bigfoot Question

Cougar’s Football Coach Mike Leach takes questions from the people on the phone during his weekly press conference and on September 4th, 2017 was asked about if he believed in bigfoot.

“It would be fun if there’s Bigfoot. I hope there’s Bigfoot, but my guess is there is not.”

Leach is more optimistic about alien life, as he discusses following his response on bigfoot.

Not Alone Podcast #22 Takes Us Back To Ape Canyon

In their 22nd podcast, Not Alone goes after Ape Canyon.

The podcast recounts the tale of five miners who were besieged by bigfoot in 1924, trapped overnight in a cabin in Ape Canyon, south west of Mt St Helens. Not Alone expands the story to include an encounter with a Forest Ranger the miners had after the bigfoot encounter and some theories on what bigfoot is, based on local native accounts.

Located in Skamania County, Ape Canyon is a gorge along the edge of the Plains of Abraham name after the 1924 story, which was retold in 1967 by Fred Beck in a ‘booklet’.

Kitsap Peninsula 911 Call Reports Bigfoot

In 1996, a Kitsap Peninsula man called 911 to report an unidentified “good sized man or something that looked like a man” crossing his yard.

After leaving view, the creature reappears and the man is noticeably disturbed by the size of the intruder.

Police were unable to find anything when they investigated.

I am attempting to contact Kitsap authorities to determine the validity of this video and if the call is real.

Travel Seattle with Bigfoot

It is Seattle! Where else would you get your guided tours and celebrity interviews than Bigfoot? Travel Seattle with Bigfoot from My Name Is Bigfoot! explores the city with the Northwest’s favorite ‘skunk ape’.

Some language may not be suitable for work viewing or folks sensitive to marijuana references and be ready for some curse words.

Tour Pike Place Market, chat with Linda Blair, questions with comic book legend Stan Lee, get smokey with Snoop Dogg and more!

Eastside Bigfoot Represent!

When people think Washington State, they normally think of Western Washington, the part of the state than goes from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. This is where it rains, where the fish throwing Pike Place Market and Space Needle reside, Seattle’s Seahawks, Microsoft & Starbucks & Amazon, traffic, trees and where most would expect to find Washington Bigfoot. But the Eastside of Washington has a active bigfoot scene that is often overlooked.

The Eastside of Washington has about roughly twice the land area and 1/3 the population of the Westside, with a 2014 census numbers counting about 1.5 million human residents on the Eastside.

A great article in the Spokane Spokesman explores Eastside Bigfoot with Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot.
How I almost became a believer: Exploring the Bigfoot phenomenon in Eastern Washington

Eastside Bigfoot Represent!

2017 Psychic Sasquatch Chewelah Peak Event

On September 1st to the 3rd at Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington, Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis are hosting the second annual Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference Event.

Speakers include :
Kewaunee Lapseritis
Kelly Lapseritis
Shakara Tosha
Mike Patterson
Garrett Duncan
Su Walker
Rev. White Otter
Many Many More

Check out the Psychic Sasquatch web site for more information

Tickets are available at
Some prices including group rates and camping as well as access to the event and range from $65 to $600
Seating is limited

For live stream video for Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch event :

Kelly’s main Facebook group :
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