Senate Committee Postpones Action On WA State Bigfoot Bill

On February 2nd, 2018, WA State was poised to move a bill that would make Bigfoot the State’s Official Cryptid toward a floor vote. The bill was scheduled to be presented to the State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee. After approximately 45 minutes, Committee Chair Sam Hunt informed the gallery that there would be no action on the bill today. He had been informed by the bills sponsor, Ann Rivers, that the young man who is ‘proposing ‘ the bill was not able to attend the public hearing.

The bill’s status has not been updated.

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One Reply to “Senate Committee Postpones Action On WA State Bigfoot Bill”

  1. BF is a part of our State’s culture and recognizing them as a probable species hurts no one. City & town dwellers will more likely that not, ever see one; and 90+ percent of state residents aren’t up driving around between reported BF nocturnal hours anyway. So what do the skeptics actually know about them? Why not recognize the very few that have had been reported/documented by letting folks enjoy various county/state celebrations concerning BF’s in their belief’s? Like it or not they already do exist as part of our culture. We celebrate holidays based on fictitious events/personalities already, what can BF hurt as yet another? Does Santa really come on Christmas? The Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday?

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