Bill To Make Bigfoot Official WA State Cryptid Is Back For 2018

A bill to “designating Sasquatch the official cryptid or crypto-animal of Washington” is back in front of Washington State Legislators, after not getting too far thru the process during the last legislative session.

As of today, Senate Bill (SB) 5816 has been referred to State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections, with no dates or next actions beyond that currently set. The bill looks to make Sasquatch WA State’s cryptid, sighting the following as a reason:

The legislature recognizes that Sasquatch has made immeasurable contributions to Washington state’s cultural heritage and ecosystem. The state of Washington further recognizes the importance of preserving the legacy of Sasquatch.

Read the full bill

Anne Rivers of the 18th District was inspired to file the bill after receiving a letter from a child in her district. supports this bill and hopes you will contact your representatives and let them know that you support it too.

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