Bigfoot Heard Near Snohomish

The following was left as a comment on this site.

The ‘old grange’ may be referring to the Horseshoe Grange at 16424 Broadway Ave in Snohomish.

Years and Years ago out in Snohomish Washington some friends and I heard bigfoot more than once. We didn’t know what it was at the time, this was well before the internet was a big thing and there were recordings etc.

We told our friend’s mom who had seen bigfoot out by the old grange which is where I heard it the first time. At the time there wasn’t access to all the information we have now but in hindsight I think what we heard that first time was actually three bigfeet sounding off their location to one another. We heard three calls, close together in time but at wildly varying distances. The sounds were following the line of a gully that was behind the few houses out there at the time.

My impression was that the creature was moving very very fast, inhumanly so, simply because of how quickly the calls followed one another and moved towards us from far to close. We didn’t stick around to see anything.

The thing that struck me was the instinctive reaction I had to the sound. I felt it in my chest and something about it just set off my fight or flight. I was in a car so flight seemed to be the best option at the time.

The second time I heard it was about a month later, late at night about a mile and a quarter from where I heard it the first time. I was up in a field at my friend’s house with another friend of ours. We were going to play paintball the next day and we were up talking about the next day. We had walked up there to look at the night valley and when we went up we had several dogs with us. The next thing we knew the dogs vanished. All around the valley we heard dozens of dogs barking, there was that familiar roar and every dog went silent. By the second roar we were burning for the house as fast as we could run. Again, in hindsight, it sounded like sounding between individuals because of how fast the distance between the calls changed.

As for the sound itself I had never heard anything like it. I have hunted and camped in Washington since I was old enough to walk and I’ve heard everything the Northwest has to offer for large animals that could manage that much volume and deep resonance. This was no elk, no deer, no coyotes. Years later I saw a bigfoot documentary where they played an alleged bigfoot scream and it was exactly the same. Terrifyingly so.

I’ve talked to other people who lived out in the Snohomish area and I usually don’t get through my description of the sound of the scream before they jump in and finish the description for me. It’s like bigfoot’s presence in the Snohomish area is a well known secret among long time residents of the area and nobody talks about it unless they’re with someone who’s seen or heard of it.

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