Eastside Bigfoot Represent!

When people think Washington State, they normally think of Western Washington, the part of the state than goes from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. This is where it rains, where the fish throwing Pike Place Market and Space Needle reside, Seattle’s Seahawks, Microsoft & Starbucks & Amazon, traffic, trees and where most would expect to find Washington Bigfoot. But the Eastside of Washington has a active bigfoot scene that is often overlooked.

The Eastside of Washington has about roughly twice the land area and 1/3 the population of the Westside, with a 2014 census numbers counting about 1.5 million human residents on the Eastside.

A great article in the Spokane Spokesman explores Eastside Bigfoot with Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot.
How I almost became a believer: Exploring the Bigfoot phenomenon in Eastern Washington

Eastside Bigfoot Represent!

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