Bigfoot Bodies Removed After 1980 Mt. St. Helens Eruption

Bigfoot helicopter art by http://George Folz

A previous post dug a bit into the idea that the local bigfoot that lived around Mt. St. Helens might have may have been killed in the 1980 eruption, well a thread on FaceBook took it a bit further, with information about multiple reports of sightings of bigfoot bodies being removed by those reacting to the disaster.

“The Government is Hiding Dead Bigfoot Bodies!!”

The first account is from Who’s Watching You?: An Exploration of the Bigfoot Phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest by Linda Coil Suchy.

…was placed in charge of one pile of dead animals in particular. The pile was covered and no one was allowed to come near it. Armed U.S. National Guard personnel were guarding this pile. On the day that they were going to move this group of bodies, [Bradshaw] was standing very close to the pile and was told to keep his mouth closed about what we was to witness.

When the tarps were removed, he was amazed to see that the bodies were those of sasquatch. Some badly burned, and some not. They were placed in a large net and lifted into the back of a truck, which was then tarped over.

Freedom on Information Acts were filed to see if there was an official report, the response was quite predictable and uninformative.

“there were no documented reports of big foot [sic] or sasquatch carcasses and there were no projects to attempt to locate and/or recover any bodies.”

Another report, also from the same book claims a man in Spokane saw a large, double rotor helicopter (most likely an Army Chinook) fly overhead at between 100 to 150 feet. The helecopter was carrying a cargo net that contained at least three dead Bigfoot bodies. The bodies were described as hairy, grey ash coated arms and legs.

Well that is weird.

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