Mossy Rock Bigfoot Caught on Trail Cam

Classic from 2014 of a trail cam picture of an 8 foot bigfoot from Mossy Rock in Lewis County.

8 Foot Bigfoot Like Creature Caught on Trailcam in Mossyrock, Washington

“The backstory on the trail cam, is the guy who showed me had been down at his friends house in mossyrock, out in the backwoods of his property, DEEP in the woods, and they had heard a screaming/howling noise that they could not say was a cougar or coyote, bear, etc.. They wanted to figure out what it was. So they set up motion sensitive trail cameras to capture it. And upon checking them this morning, this is what he found.

It’s an amazing photo, it makes every other image I’ve seen look laughable in comparison. I get really pissed when people try to argue it’s authenticity.. These guys didnt even know how to send the picture from their computer to their phone, they dont know what photoshop is.”

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  1. Dude give me a brake.this piece of dung looks like pinhead.that head is way to small for that massive need help with Superimposed? The only big thing in the woods is a huge pile of lies and deception for people’s own vanity.

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